Here’s a look at the intention behind our new apparel line. Big thanks to Cam and Brecht Van’t Hof for their collaborative work on this video.

Making of: Almond Apparel from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.

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Starting today, and continuing as long as it makes sense, we’re going to have Meet Your Shaper Happy Hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 til 6:00 pm. Griffin will be in the shop answering questions, talking surfboards and ringing up customers who wish to purchase a t-shirt. If you would like some face-time with your shaper, you no longer have to loiter around the Panda Express in downtown Santa Ana. 2429 W. Coast Hwy #101 Newport Beach, CA

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Fall // Winter 2013

We don’t get piles of colored leaves, but Fall here in California is still pretty special, for a lot of reasons.
Our Fall/Winter collection of California-made apparel is online (and in-store) INCLUDING… our classic Panel and Heritage striped tees that just arrived.

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Simon Patchett // Survey

Simon Patchett, taking a break from the books to score some offshore waves on his 5’9 Survey.  Even Law students can find time to lay down a little rail.

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Jake Zylstra // Offshore Saturdays

The wind and the swell were doing their Fall-thing and cooperating nicely this weekend.  Stiff offshore winds, consistent swell, and warm water made for an Indian Summer paradise in most of the lineups along the coast.  I got some fun waves a few miles North, while Chad and Jake linked up to shoot photos more locally.  Here are a few of Jake getting into some sizable ones on his 9’4 Lumberjack.  Photos: Chad Cress

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I Surfed In Trunks This Weekend!

That title has nothing to do with this photo… I was just excited to share.  Here’s a new 5’3 Secret Menu Quad for Alex.  Last we saw him, he was headed to Malibu to put this thing through the paces.  Abstract stripe courtesy of Greg Martz.

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9’6 Lumberjack // Pale Green Panels

New 9’6 Lumberjack for the racks of the shop.  On a personal level, I was thrilled with how this one came out…  Complimentary light and dark cedar triple stringer,  clear volan lamination, pale green (f23) hotcoat panels on top and bottom, glossed and polished at the Waterman’s Guild.

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Jake Zylstra // Bottom-Turn

Jake Zylstra grab-rail bottom turn on his 9’4 Lumberjack.  Snapped in Newport by Cameron Oden.

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7’10 Joy // Sumter from Sidecar Doughnuts

Sumter from Sidecar came by and picked up a 7’10 Joy last week.  In retrospect, we probably should have traded him for a surfboard’s worth of doughnuts.

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9’6 Surf Thump // Panels

9’6 Surf Thump with Panels and a Mahogany D-fin.

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9’6 Lumberjack // Golden Brown Tint

Brand new 9’6 Lumberjack with a Golden-Brown tint, and the most beautifully-grained cedar stringer.  Plywood Huck fin by Gully. 

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5’6 Sandia Fish // Pale Yellow Tint

New 5’6 Sandia Fish with a wedge stringer and pale yellow tint.  Plywood keels by Gully.

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5’3 Sandia // Floral Stripe

5’3 Sandia Fish for Ryan F.  With a custom floral-print inspired resin abstract stripe.

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9’2 Log Rhythm // Caramel Opaque

9’2 stock Log Rhythm model, with a Fall-caramel opaque, and a plywood Log Rhythm fin by Gully.  

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Late Morning Surf Break

We found some fun little waves last week. Tom caught Chad Cress shooting Dave Allee on a clean one. Cam hedging forward on a 6’0 Kookumber, on an inside section. Photos: Thomas Green

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Survey Tan // Survey Blue

Two new Survey models with triple stringers.

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Monster Children // Handmade

Monster Children featured Almond for a series they do, called Handmade.  We were humbled to be included in their series highlighting people who make stuff by hand.  Beyond stoked at the finished product.  They did an incredible job putting together this short about Almond and our values.  Beautifully shot and edited… super thankful to Edgar and the Monster Children team for this one… (as a side note, there’s some rad clips of Andy Nieblas at Sano that I’m frothing on.)

Hand Made – Almond Surfboards from Monster Children on Vimeo.

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5’5 Mailbox // Zebra Wood

New grasslands-green opaque Mailbox with Zebra wood twin + trailer fins, by Gully.  Available for your viewing and consideration at Almond Surfboards, Newport Beach.

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COMPASSING by Cyrus Sutton

Almond Surfboard rider and dear friend, Cyrus Sutton, has been premiering Compassing around recently, but don’t fret… if you didn’t catch one of the premier nights, today is your lucky day.  The full-length film is available for viewing about 2 inches south of here, on your computer screen.  We built a new green log for Cy right before he started filming for this film.. which you can see in the first few scenes.  (In some ridiculously long right-hand noserides, I might add)  Cy expands a bit on his tendency to travel and seek out new adventure, and shows how diverse and developed his surfing is, for those who may only know him as a “longboarder”.  This isn’t a “put on in the background” surf flick, this is a “pull up a chair and enjoy the next 27 minutes” piece.  Without further a due, Compassing:

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7’0 Cash-Yew for Matt D

Matt came by yesterday to pick up his 7’0 Cash-Yew.. and fortunately he still has a few days left to surf it before he goes back to school.

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Dane Flinn // Tricks Are For…

I mentioned recently that Dane prefers to do different types of surfing maneuvers than I do… here is a prime example of one of those surfing maneuvers.  The waves and sunshine have been cooperating quite nicely; a perfect kick-off to the end of Summer.  Photo: Oden

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Jake Zylstra // Lumberjack in Newport

Jake Zylstra managed to find some waves recently, in Newport.  Here he is, finding a little noserideable  inside section, on his Lumberjack, with the Newport Pier in the background.  He might be hard pressed to find this much unoccupied space in the lineup this weekend.  The good news is that Labor Day marks the end of the Summer season… and Fall combo swells lie ahead.  Photos: Cam Oden

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8’6 Pintail // White Panels

Custom 8’6 Pintail for Paul H.  Clear Volan cloth with white panels.  Glass-on mahogany Pin Fin by Gully.

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Hand Dyed Indigo Tees // Limited Run

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen the video we posted a while back of Cam and Chad in the backyard hand dying some tees. Natural indigo comes out of the dye bath bright yellow, and as it oxidizes turns into that deep indigo. After being dip dyed- the shirts get rinsed, dried, rinsed again in a vinegar and salt solution (to prevent bleeding), washed, hung dry, and then hand screened with Cam’s “Great Pacific Ocean” artwork. Needless to say, each shirt is quite different from each other in both dye placement and shade of indigo. We love them and hope you do it. Also… we only made forty of these guys.


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Lumberjack // Sea Blue Tint

New stock 9’6 Lumberjack with a sea blue tint, and plywood Huck fin by Gully.  With Fall quickly approaching, and Blackies season on the horizon, we’re stocking up on Lumberjacks.  We still stand by it as our best beach break noserider for a variety of conditions… particularly Blackies.

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Dane Flinn // Shortboard Preference

Dane likes to do different types of surfing maneuvers than I do; therefore he likes different shapes of surfing boards.  Here is one of those surfing boards, made specifically for Dane Flinn.

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7’6 Joy // Blue Abstract Tint

New 7’6 stock Joy with a 2-tone blue abstract tint.  Really stoked on the colors of this one.

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Almond 51-49 // One-Off

Jake Zylstra borrowed a beautiful Hansen 50-50 from Bird’s Surf Shed… which got all of us drooling… so inevitably we had to make something similar.  Griffin eyeballed it and did his own loose interpretation of a vintage Hansen 50-50.  There’s only so many Kookumbers and Lumberjacks that he can shape before needing to do something different.  Balsa and Cedar T-Band Stringer for era-specific good-looks.  Sorry, not available for custom order.

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Almond Fine Surfing Boards // 3D Tour

Thanks to our new friend, John, we have an updated 3-D tour of the store on google. I was made aware by Chris from Monster Children last week that our google maps tour was of our old shop still.  If you live out of Newport Beach, you can now see the inside of the shop… click the photo below.

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Fall//Winter Preview

SPRING//SUMMER was essentially our first real “go” at apparel; granted we had done t-shirts and dabbled in surf trunks in the past… 2013 was our first time really getting a jump on the “soft-goods” side of Almond. Much of that is due to the addition of Chad Cress to the team (who coincidentally turns 27 today) Overall, we were super pleased with how our Spring line went, and as with everything new, we learned an immeasurable amount about manufacturing and designing articles of clothing in California. (Spoiler alert: it’s a whole different world than manufacturing surfboards) With Fall & Winter fast approaching, we’re currently taking pre-book orders for our Fall collection. As with everything we produce here at Almond, we want to shift the vernacular away from “retro” and towards the word “timeless” When we’re at our best, we hope to be creating timeless essential products for all who resonate with the lifestyle/vibe/feel/values/etc of the brand we’ve created called Almond Fine Surfing Boards. Without further delay, feast your Monday-morning eyes on this video piece that Cam Oden put together as a teaser for what’s coming this FALL//WINTER. (As a side note, if you’re interested in seeing the line and placing wholesale orders, email chad @ almondsurfboards . com by Friday…!)

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